Relax and enjoy the warmth –

the PIV pellet vacuum takes care of the work! 

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With a PIV pellet vacuum unit, heating with pellets is easy – the vacuum system takes care of the delivery of the pellets.

The PIV system is an ingenious solution for a new building’s heating system, and also if you look for an alternative for oil or log heating or if you want to stop carrying pellets to the weekly storage container.

In new buildings you can place the pellet container almost anywhere – e.g. underground or in a garden shed – the suction system can easily be integrated into the structure of the house. If you renovate old buildings, pellet heating is an easy way to replace oil or log heating: you can use the old heating system’s space when you stock pellets or install the new system.

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”Heating with pellets is cosy, ecological and cheap, and the PIV makes it easy too!”